Lemongrass is a casual dining restaurant in Bogor, West Java, Indonesia. Situated near important landmarks like the Presidential Bogor Palace and the famous Bogor Botanical Garden, one of the oldest and largest botanical garden in the world, Lemongrassโ€™s design concept is derived from taking a closer look into Bogor. The design concept behind Lemongrass comes from the context observation of Bogor that is a โ€œTropical Paradiseโ€. The architecture, interior and landscape design of Lemongrass is merged all together into a tropical paradise. A modern tropical architecture with splashes of rich tropical colors and plants designed specifically to blend with the surrounding nature.


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Einstein & Associates

This project located in Bogor, West Java, Indonesia

What many people donโ€™t know about Bogor is that Bogor is only sixty kilometers away from Indonesiaโ€™s capital, Jakarta. Bogor or โ€œBuitenzorgโ€ as people would call it during the Dutch colonial era served as the summer residence of the Governor General of East Indies. โ€œBuitenzorgโ€ itself means โ€œwithout a careโ€ in dutch, mirroring the beauty of Bogor that makes people have no worries and feel safe and secure.

  • Architecture & Interior
  • Bogor
  • Leo Einstein Franciscus
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Digging a little deeper into the concept, the building itself is positioned at the center of a literal beautifully designed tropical garden, a subtle link with Buitenzorg that is peaceful and โ€œwithout a careโ€. To top it all off, the building plan of Lemongrass is intentionally designed as an open air and open plan space, eliminating the boundaries between the indoor and the outdoor. 

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Born in Jakarta-Indonesia, Leo Einstein Franciscus graduated cumlaude from University of Pelita Harapan in 2008, with a bachelor degree in Architecture. In 2013, He finally muster his courage to found his own boutique architecture interior design firm. Named after his own name, ” Einstein and Associates ” is ready to leave a mark in the design world. A series of recognized work with sensuous and unique characteristics were born afterwards. Einstein and Associates” works include Wilshire SCBD, Lemongrass, Bottega Ristorante Mega Kuningan, Wilshire Senopati, 3rd Avenue, Djati Drinkery.

  • Einstein & Associates
  • Jakarta-Indonesia

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