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As one of the busiest ferry port in Indonesia, Merak Executive Port is designed to be an icon of a revolutionary in Ferry Port design. Built with Mount Krakatoa as its inspiration, this port is designed with series of contour plays that mimics the mountain itself.

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“This port is designed not only as a transit point, but also as a place to enjoy the beauty of the Sunda Strait.”

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This project is located in Port of Merak, Banten, Indonesia.

Port of Merak is a seaport located in the Pulo Merak District of the city of Cilegon, Banten, on the northwestern tip of Java, Indonesia. The port is connected to Jakarta via the Jakarta-Merak Toll Road and is also connected to the Bakauheni port.

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As the largest and busiest ferry port in Indonesia, Merak Port serves hundreds of ferry departures and arrivals every day. This Merak executive ferry terminal serves exclusive passengers who will sail from Java Island to Sumatra Island by ferry.

Another main function of this building is as a commercial building for Cilegon City, which is an industrial area in Banten Province. This fact affects the designation of the function of the building between the public, which has retail, food & beverage functions, combined with terminal areas such as ticket booths, passenger waiting rooms, and circulation of arrivals and departures of ferry passengers.

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