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Located near/inside the palace regency, De Tjolomadoe is surrounded by sugar cane fields. After several government policy and land sale, the sugar cane fields slowly gone and disappeared, and in 1997, the production is stopped due to bankruptcy of the operator. In 2016, as the Ministry of State Owned Enterprises is restructuring and auditing their assets, The Colomadu is one of the assets that is going to be revived. As the sugar cane fields are not surrounding the area anymore, reactivating the sugar factory is not possible. Therefore, reprogramming the complex to be something else is needed to make The Colomadu fully-operate again.

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“Revitalization is the key of design strategy”

Airmas Asri Architects

This project located in Karanganyar Regency, Central Java, Indonesia.

Established in 1861 during the Dutch colonial era in Surakarta, Indonesia (formerly Dutch East Hindi), De Tjolomadoe (The Colomadu) is the first sugar factory in Indonesia.

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17 lounge now
14 heritage museum now

Revitalization is the key of design strategy. Hence, to get the place vital again, preservation and additions on non intrusive part to existing building are introduced to make the factory embraces its new function. By context, Surakarta and Karanganyar cannot be separated of its home industry of hand-drawn and traditional print batik, megaliths and stone temples , grass rooted Javanese culture and people, so as a state owned company, this demand is prioritized as concept embedded to enliven the abandoned site to fits its future.

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Established in October 1988 in Jakarta, Indonesia, Airmas Asri has grown rapidly to become Indonesia’s foremost provider of architectural consultancy services.

Our philosophy, Architecture is not merely about designing beautiful and impressive building and Design excellent is about creating physical environments that provides the maximum possible added value for the clients and improves the lives of end users while maintaining the environment by incorporating a sustainable design concept from the beginning to the delivery of the project

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